People Say

I always love working and learning from you Chris, you are such a wonderful example for students and fellow teachers

Daniel Crispin Principle Soloist – Cirque du Soleil: Kooza, school teacher, circus coach

I wish that my younger more impressionable years were filled with this style of learning, and I would love to be a kid now, learning, creating, and playing though the concepts Christine is laying out.

Reuben Kuan Chinese pole specialist – Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco, international street performer

Self-directed learning in a permission granted shared learning space – the stuff of dreams! Great vision. Ethan was always so free and creative under your ‘facilitated’ direction. It’s the only way he operates – when can he play with you again?

Joanna & Ethan  creators, authors & artists – Kaleidoscope  Company 2 (Sydney Festival, Woodford Folk Festival)

This year I worked with Chris on our Circus program here at Brisbane Grammar School. During this time, I found her to be highly professional and flexible in terms of accommodating the school’s requests.

Chris is very organised and knowledgeable, and innovative and creative in her ideas, and what will best suit the students.

She is intuitive to their needs, and manages both individuals and larger groups well. She relates well to the students and is patient and willing to go out of her way to help them. She encourages them to be persistent and curious in their learning, as well as guiding them to learn for themselves and give their best.

Stella Gardner– Teacher, Brisbane Grammar School

Physi Kids aims to instil in children a love for physical activity. I have no doubt that every child in Christine’s classes develops that enthusiasm. Her exciting and dramatic presentation of activities seem to make the most simple of programs entertaining and inviting.


Christine’s loving and understanding relationship with children is orchestrated by the way they respond when she walks in the room. She is a breath of fresh air to our organisation, always cheerful and welcoming. Her positive outlook is contagious, and her communicative skills exceptional.

Kayleen Tolley – Physi Kids Owner/ Operator

On holiday I realised how much Joseph has learned in his sessions  – he was jumping like a kangaroo whenever we saw one, showing off his rolls and summersaults, and climbing confidently to the highest points on the playgrounds. Even better (for dad) he could climb confidently down!

Dan & Joseph – Kindy circus family

‘J’ had a racquet in his left hand, and he reached out with his right hand to pick up a ball without even thinking about it. To see him instinctively use both hands together was amazing  – and that was when I knew the program really was working.

J’s mother – Participant in the COMBIT Cerebral Palsy Project