Shoulder Dysfunction, Corrective Programming & Exercises

An article series covering (just about) everything you need to know about shoulder anatomy, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries, functional assessment, corrective injury programming and exercises.

With Paul Peglar (Sports Therapist, ExPhys).

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Considerations for Training During Pregnancy 

Safety considerations, exercise programming, anatomical, medical and physiological considerations, and exercise selection considerations for training during pregnancy. Including exercises appropriate for each stage of pregnancy.

Article series.

With Paul Peglar (Sports Therapist, ExPhys).

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Say ‘Yes’ to Young Artists

Kids are wired for exploration and play. That is their work.

The role of teaching artists is to support young artists in their work, to help them reach their creative and physical potential.

A good circus training space is one where creative outcomes were valued equally to physical outcomes, where the child is respected as a working artist, where the teaching artist has the freedom and confidence to say yes.

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